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The New TheWarfields.com History

This current site stemmed from a desire to get away from the canned Front Page look of the old "theWarfields.com" and learn how to do HTML the way the pros handle it. Accordingly, I developed the look and feel myself, and have used Dreamweaver 3 to implement it. The redesign was initiated in March, 2001.

I have tremendously enjoyed creating this vanity site, and hope you'll be as amused exploring it. I've even picked up the odd award in recognition of what's to be found here.

It all gets done right here!

So you can keep up with what has changed:

6/17/17: Updated polar to rectangular calculator page on CNCCookbook.

8/15/07: Added a page for Cozumel 2007 .

10/14/06: Added a page for Oktoberfest 2006 .

9/25/06: Added a page describing CAM Toolpath Strategies.

9/24/06: Made a bracket and heatsink to mount my Gecko drives for the CNC Lathe project.

9/22/06: Playing around with a new CNC Cookbook page design.

9/18/06: Added a new CNC tutorial on Breakout Boards.

9/11/06: Added a CNC Tips & Techniques page and reorganized the other Tips & Techniques pages with a set of links on the Machine Tool Home Page.

9/2/06: Update on building a PC for the CNC lathe project.

8/27/06: Cozumel Diving 2006 .

8/14/06: Stepper/Servo/Backlash Simulator Page .

8/12/06: Elmer Verburg Reversible Vertical Twin Wobbler project started.

8/4/06: Created a CNC Dictionary.

7/24/06: Inexpensive DRO page added.

7/12/08: Vise Stop project is now complete, and pix of the finished product are on the page.

7/8/06: Added a page of Machine Aesthetics. Added several new shops to the Great Home Shops Page. Updates to the Vise Stop project.

7/7/06: Reorganized machine tool pages to gather all of the projects onto a Project Page instead of having them distributed based on which machine made them.

7/5/06: More activity on the Vise Stop page. I stopped and drew up a set of plans before I got too far along. Also revised my machining projects page by breaking into 2 pages--one for small projects and one for big projects.

6/29/06: I just couldn't stand it, and started building Widgitmaster's Kurt Vise Stop. Also added a note on Color Coding Your Wrenches.

6/23/06: Gave my mill a couple of big brass ones and designed an optical limit switch for my CNC lathe project.

6/17/06: Did a pretty radical reorganization of the Lathe Home Page and some of the ancillary pages including a new Toolpost Grinder Page.

6/13/06: Added a page detailing my efforts to build a dovetail milling cutter. Facelifted the milling home page a bit.

6/7/06: Some new pages of Rhino 3D drawings and facelifts to the Machine Tools home page and Welding page, plus the all-new Sand Buggy Kart page!

5/21/06: Tig welding a milling machine stand.

5/15/06: Added a couple of pages for Milling Machine users: Cutters & Surface Finish plus Tips and Techniques.

4/30/06: New Plasma Table and Laser Metrology pages.

4/2/06: Minor updates to my welding page.

3/30/06: CNC Blog update.

2/16/06: Added a Rhino Tips page.

2/15/06: Put my first Rhino 3D drawing of a chuck backplate up.

2/14/06: Page of CNC projects others have done.

2/5/06: SF Rod, Custom, and Motorcycle Show pages up.

1/30/06: New CNC software page is up.

1/28/06: Added a new drilling, boring, and reaming page in the machine shop area.

1/27/06: Lots of CNC updates as well as a new panel design page.

1/23/06: Did a long overdue reogranization of the Lathe CNC pages.

12/27/05: Finished planning the step motor mounting brackets.

12/23/05: Added an E-Leadscrew/CNC blog, and a page on the stepper power supply.

12/12/05: E-Leadscrew Panel Mock-Up.

12/11/05: Bunch of E-Leadscrew stuff underway. Saddle Lock page underway. These are both works in progress!

12/1/05: Got my variable speed DC motor running on the lathe.

11/24/05: Finished up my 6-jaw Chuck Backplate, now I can use this beautiful too with my lathe to make something else. Also a mini-test of cold bluing products.

11/21/05: Finished up my Tailstock Die Holder, a tool to be used in conjunction with my lathe for threading.

11/12/05: Added a Hawaii Big Island page--still under construction. At the moment it just lists our favorite eateries there.

10/19/05: Aloris No. 71 Parting and Cutoff Tool.

10/13/05: Drew up plans for an Expanding Arbor Spindle Handle on the lathe.

10/12/05: Added a Custom Smoker Page.

10/09/05: New and improved home page for the home machine shop section. Much improved workshop page.

10/02/05: Finished my first lathe project: a Quick Change Tool Post.

9/26/05: Added a Surface Finish page to my home machine shop section. It's primarily tips to maximize carbide or HSS tool performance on lathes.

9/13/05: Continued mild facelifts and edits to my home machine shop section.

8/28/05: Mild facelifts and edits to my home machine shop section. Added a Tooling Inventory.

8/25/05: Added a few notes on Amateur Telescope Making with some links.

8/14/05: Added the Aimbot Hall of Shame.

7/31/05: Finally finished posting Cozumel pix.

7/17/05: Created a Home Machine Shop page. Just dreaming I guess!

7/8/05: Did some Cam Design work for the Hot Rod using DynoSim software.

6/26/05: Posted a few of the UW pix from our Cozumel trip this year.

6/22/05: Take a spin around SF Bay on Zephyra...

5/30/05: Started a Worklog and Links page for the routine maintenance and work I do on my cars.

5/26/05: Added a Penne Pasta recipe, a Marsala Pear recipe, Hand Dipped Chocolate Strawberries, and my Grilled Pizza recipe.

5/14/05: Reorganized the recipes to be by course rather than complete menus. Recovered some long lost recipes such as Tandoori Chicken and Tarte Tatin. Also added a new Vinography and Wine Tasting Notes page.

5/06/05: Started a Trixie 2004-5 page.

4/23/05: Hot Rod Engine Blog Day 4.

4/13/05: Added an Interior Scrapbook to my Hot Rod Blog. Tweaked the main page of that blog as well as the Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension page.

4/11/05: Added some advanced recipes for removing underwater blue green color cast using Photoshop.

4/10/05: Added Underwater Photography History page, a gallery of my Kona Underwater Photos, and a gallery for my Favorite Underwater Photos.

2/19/05: Ginger and Molasses Cranberry Sauce recipe for Thanksgiving.

2/9/05: Lakes Modified Hot Rod Page.

2/06/05: Milk braised pork loin and Tartiflette.

2/2/05: A study of the views from our home, especially sunrises and sunsets.

1/18/05: Recipe for Inside-Out Chiles Rellenos en Nogada.

1/16/05: Started assembling the hot rod 351 Cleveland!

1/11/05: Basic PhotoShop Boot Camp.

1/10/05: Half Moon Bay day trip photos.

1/9/05: Christmas 2004 Pix Posted <I Must Be Getting Slow In My Old Age!>

12/26/04: Hot Rod Blog update to the fuel injection page.

11/30/04: Pasta recipes.

11/25/04 (Between dishes): Another Soquel Vineyards Tasting.

11/24/04: Recipe for homemade ginger ale and ginger candy.

11/22/04: River Cafe & Cheese Shop Restaurant Review.

11/21/04: New digicam page. Helen's birthday too.

11/20/04: Tuned up my coffee page. Added a Winter Steak Recipe page. Cowboy Cookin' page. And, just to stir things up, the Ravings of a Rabid Anti-Blogger. Whew! What a busy day at the ole web shack!

11/17/04: Added a Good Guys Rod & Custom Show page.

11/6/04: Added a Woodies on the Wharf page.

11/5/04: Aerial Photo page for the Millenium House.

11/4/04: Revised my Digital Convergence essay and my Chick Flick Criteria. Added some movie reviews.

10/31/04: Bobby's 2004 Soccer Season page, Halloween 2004 page.

10/24/04: Little section on starting high performance carb'ed engines.

10/23/04: Monterey Aquarium.

10/21/04: Testarossa Winery Tasting for Services Group.

10/4/04: Added a fuel injection page to the Hot Rod Blog.

9/12/04: August Cozumel trip pictures.

9/6/04: Added my Sangria recipe, and many more Grand Cayman diving pictures.

9/1/04: The Hot Rod Blog is born!

8/29/04: Remedial work--putting up diving pictures from last February trip to Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

8/14/04: 2004 Rolex Monterey Historic Races.

8/5/04: Wow! After over a year's hiatus (due largely to my company IPO'ing and my computer having a major hard disk crash), I'm back. Check out the bottom of http://www.thewarfields.com/FamilyBBQ.htm for the latest in cool BBQ techology.

7/27/03: Boef Bourguignonne recipe.

7/20/03: Completed the switch from Verio to LunarPages. Recipe for my fancy strawberry oatmeal cookie dessert.

7/13/03: Some new sailing pix.

6/21/03: An Island BBQ Feast recipe collection.

6/14/03: A Visit to the Kingfisher Car Collection.

6/9/03: Bobby's First Communion Pictures.

6/01/03: Q203 Napa-Sonoma Exec Offsite, & Santa Cruz Surfing Pix.

5/25/03: Watsonville Air Show Pix.

5/9/03: More Capitola Beach Pix, more Trixie Pix, and Easter 2003 pix.

4/19/03: Bobby's First Little League Game. Also, a few more Trixie Pix.

4/16/03: Trixie Pixs.

3/30/03: A page devoted to my beloved Lamborghini Countach.

3/8/03 to 3/17/03: Callidus President's Club to Maui, 2003. Over 200 photos!

2/21/03: Callidus 2003 Sales Meeting.

2/17/03: Converted the whole site to this Maple and Steel look.

2/16/03: Foil wrapped oriental vegetable recipe, some macro shots of flowers around the house, Gayle's Cafe review, and more Capitola Beach pictures taken with the new camera.

2/13/03: Facelift on home page: random image chooser and search engine.

2/10/03: Experimenting with a new maple and steel look.

2/2/03: Bobby's 9th Birthday. Updated Digital Photography page and added new Image Processing and Favorite Photos pages.

2/1/03: Pinewood Derby 2003.

1/26/03: Laura's 5th Birthday.

1/18/03: Choucroute Garnie Recipe.

12/29/02: Installing the water block on my new mobo!

11/29/02: Mobile drive bay 90 degree molex wiring, sunset cam, Thanksgiving 2002, and some minor changes to the photo album home.

11/24/02: Started an overclocking page.

11/17/02: Soquel Vinyards Tasting, mobile drive bays.

11/16/02: Garnet shipping party!

11/11/02: Mobile drive bays for the BorgCube.

11/03/02: Piaggio Avanti, Halloween 2002 and Bobby's Pix.

10/30/02: Fior brunch menu.

10/27/02: Plexi radiator shroud and a new wiring cleanup page--both works in progress rather than finished efforts. New pix on the Grandma's and Grandpa's page.

10/19/02: Added a Water Cooled PC Photo Gallery.

10/12/02: Recipe for Cider Brined Pork Chops. Recipe for BBQ Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Garlic. Recipe for Andalusian Chicken with Rosemary Potato Crisps. Recipe for African Groundnut Stew. Recipes for my Cosmopolitans and the new Orange Breeze drink. I've been holding out on the recipes! Borg Cube UFO Mod. Added a few kid pix and Grandma/Grandpa pix to the Photo Album. Phew!

9/15/02: The Myth of Turbulence in Water Cooling. More water cooling progress: reservoir.

9/7/02: Fixing the leaks in my BorgCube water block. Pt Lobos pix posted.

9/3/02: Latest Cozumel trip posted.

8/3/02: More water cooling progress, though still not done.

7/21/02: London & Bari, Italy trip.

6/22/02: More water cooling progress here.

6/9/02: Added a page about a fan strobber for PC case modding.

5/30/02: Watsonville Fly In pictures.

5/22/02: More water cooling updates.

5/8/02: New stuff about water cooling the Borg Cube.

4/20/02: Building the radiator assembly for the Borg Cube water cooler.

4/9/02: More details on how I'm going to build the Borg LCARS Panel.

4/7/02: Borg Cube water cooling chronicles begun.

4/6/02: Disneyland trip pix start going up--they're not all there yet!

3/31/02: Pix of my brother's cube up.

3/30/02: A wild new scheme for the Borg Cube's front panel is hatched.

3/24/02: Added some pages for Radical Overclocking and Water Cooling.

2/24/02: Many new pix in the rocket section, and a new section on rocket building tips. New series on Capitola Beach. Finally, belated pictures of Bobby's 2nd 8th Birthday Party.

2/3/02: Bobby's Pinewood Derby and Birthday pictures are up. Started implementing the Buzz-i-gator.

1/27/02: Finished MS Office 2004 series.

1/19/02: Overhauled Model Rocketry section.

1/14/02: Began series on Microsoft Office 2004 vision.

1/10/02: Site Awards page. Revamped the Aviation home page. Joined Best Aviation Sites web ring.

1/7/02: Model rocketry pages added.

1/6/02: Laura's 4th Birthday.

1/2/02: Added Christmas Recipes page. Added Pictorial Site Map and new Nav Tools button.

12/31/01: Nifty new dive flag motif for the diving pages. Joined web rings for divers. Added Gates Brothers Rocketry to Links page.

12/30/01: Finally got my Reno Air Races pictures posted. Added a little essay on Hobby Popularity.

12/28/01: Put some Pt Lobos diving pictures up. Added sound effect to scuba pages. Finally put up the pix from Kathy's 40th birthday parties.

12/27/01: Finished posting the Christmas pictures.

12/23/01: Christmas 2001 section added. Piper Cheyenne article added. Also added some useful links to the Aviation Home Page at bottom. Finally, a trip to the Apple Store.

12/21/01: Added maps of Monterey/Carmel dive spots together with a discussion of how to predict visibility.

12/20/01: Added Hawaiian diving page.

12/16/01: Zodiac dive boat article and linked to dvorak.org on my links page. Started my Restaurant Guide, and added a little photo essay on Carmel by the sea. New Home Page for my browser use.

12/12/01: Seriously upgraded the Coffee page and added a new article on reducing your Air Consumption while diving. Uploaded some pictures of California Diving.

12/10/01: Conspicuous Consumption essay.

12/9/01: Added a California Diving page, partial Roatan page, Humboldt Squid, and a Dive Log to SCUBA section.

12/8/01: Lots of little aethetic tweaks. Re-organized the Hot Rod PC section, wrote a new Make the World a Better Place essay, added the Book Bag, got Thunderhill '99 article up, added Niscene Marks, re-organized Photo Album (and added many new pics), and added some pics of the finished Borg Cube.

12/6/01: Added a Lotus Elise page.

12/4/01: More Scuba Gear discussion.

11/30/01: Added the Fantasy Trip Itinerary page. Added quote of the day to home page in javascript. Digital Convergence article.

11/27/01: New Digital Photography page. Just a simple 1 page placeholder for now.

11/25/01: Mild rearranging and additions to the Food & Wine section.

11/24/01: Added a Future PC page...

11/23/01: The Turkey Cam was busy...

11/21/01: Catch-up: Santa Fe trip documented, rest of Halloween posted...

11/18/01: Wrote up the Leonids meteor shower and TBM 700.

11/8/01: How to operate the Millenium House Theater.

10/29/01: Halloween page created.

10/28/01: Millenium House walkthrough was finally finished, just in time to put the house up for sale.

10/10/01: Resume went up, as did Borg Cube benchmarks.

10/4/01: Updated Bob's Hot Rod PC with Windows XP Installation.

9/29/01: Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya Recipe added.

9/14/01: Dad & Wilma get married.

9/10/01: Cozumel Trip section finished! Many additions to Bob's Hot Rod PC, including the new Borg logo.

9/3/01: Added a map showing the whole route followed during the Month of Living Dangerously.

9/1/01: Bob's Hot Rod PC section started.

8/30/01: More Cozumel trip, Underwater Cozumel Photos.

8/29/01: Cozumel trip additions, Links page additions, and a new essay about how to make the world better a little bit at a time.

8/28/01: Caribbean Trip Report now has maps! Recent Cozumel Vacation is nearly done.

8/17/01: Radical new look and feel for site based on the Andreas Nottebohm look.

8/15/01: Quite a bit added to the Millenium House Walkthrough. Minor bad link fixes, added a few photos here and there, etc.

8/7/01: Stemme glider page.

8/6/01: A visit to Filoli Gardens nets lots of flower pictures.

8/4/01: The magnum opus photo essay on the Caribbean trip is done!

8/3/01: Santa Fe is finished!

8/2/01: Exotic PC Customization!

7/29/01: Family BBQ Recipes and Dennis the Menace Park added.

7/27/01: Bahamas is finished! Hey, what can I say? I got ambitious!

7/26/01: Grand Cayman is finished!

7/21/01: More Cuba photos, Millionair FBO story with Jag pix. Cuba is now finished and I'm working on Grand Cayman!

7/12/01: Cozumel and General Aviation "Efficiency" versus Commercial Carriers.

7/6/01: Aviator's Guide to the Caribbean.

7/5/01: Belize and rest of pre-Cozumel Mexico now documented.

7/4/01: First installment for Caribbean trip added. Mojito recipe added.

5/31/01: Pilot Training Journal, Cirrus SR-22 pages added.

5/10/01: Socata Trinidad , NART Spyder, and Ferrari P4 added.

5/7/01: Cessna 182RG, and the Collage of Ugly Planes have been added.

5/2/01: Lots of information on the Home Theater has been added. Added Wish List of Cars I'd like to Own.

4/30/01: New RennTech pictures. Added an anecdote about the Wasp attack that occurred as we flew to Harris Ranch. Added a page on the Lancair Columbia 400.

4/27/01: New observatory pictures. Began working on the section about our house, and the scuba section.

4/24/01: Added page counter to home page.

4/22/01: Added pages for the Commander and Cessna 337 aircraft. Added a new Movies section.

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