There are links stashed all over this site. This page is by no means a compendium, in fact, there is very little overlap at all. It's purpose is to present those links that rise above a particular subject area to reach a level of general interest. It also gathers all those links that just don't fit anywhere else.


Very Cool Links

Digital Photography Review: The best review site, bar none, I have ever seen online. Everyone else should strive to be like these guys! In this case, they review digital cameras.

Xenoform: These young Russian web designers are awesomely hip. It's a pity the dot com boom has ended, or at least is in deep hibernation, because if hip is what it takes, these guys have it in spades.


Weird & Wonderful

The Darwin Awards: When a human being chooses to remove himself from the gene pool in a particularly idiotic way, the event is reported here.

The Long Now Foundation: Thinking Machines Wunderkind Danny Hillis' current activity: creating technological artifacts that will still be relevant 10,000 years from now. Sadly, when searching for, I was presented with an offer to buy the domain for $10,000. How the mighty have fallen.
The Edge Foundation: To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves. At least this is what this organization claims to do. If you could convince every member of their digerati list that you were right about something, presumably you would have created an enormous buzz about your idea. Who knew self-promotion could be a team sport?

DaveNet: Dave Winer, charter member of the digerati, publishes this stream-of-consciousness instrument that many influential would-be-digerati read. After seeing it, I'm not sure why. It just sounds like any ordinary alpha geek conversation that one hears when working with bright people in silicon valley. No special insights that I can find. However, maybe his audience lacks this kind of contact in their day-to-day experiences. Like the BTO song says, "I love to work at nothing all day". A funky collection of bleeding edge futurist stuff from Ray Kurzweil. Check out Romona, who is a modern Eliza facsimile. The whole point of the site is to discuss the many ramifications of the "Singularity", a hypothetical event when computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence.

Segway: I don't know if I believe all the hype, but this latest invention from Dean Kamen is a really cool toy and I'd like to have one.

Snowlab Design: Very funky art lighting from France.
Maintenance Manuals for WWII Fleet Submarines: Detailed and fascinating!
Big Game Rifle Bloopers: What happens when you take an impossibly large caliber rifle to an indoor test range and let people fire it who shouldn't be near small caliber guns. The results are hysterical.

Excellent Vanity Sites

Being the proud father of this vanity site, I enjoy discovering the comparable works of others...

Kim Schmitz: Check the whole site, but this guy is just insane. He's the big guy in the middle of the picture on left, mugging in front of his Gulfstream jet. He made something like $200M by starting a security software company after he was convicted of hacking. Talk about the nerd's revenge! Sadly, the rumor is he blew up all that money when the dot com bubble burst. Last I heard he was a fugitive from some kind of insider trading charges in Germany. It helps to have a Gulfstream if you are a fugitive!

The Treehouse: Another interesting vanity site, for Trygve Lode. He is a movie star, physicist, body builder, and computer expert who has a server farm making him the 9th largest ISP in Colorado in his basement. Tour his interesting house. The images section of the web site is the most interesting.
Jay Torborg's Web Site An ex-microsoftie with similar decadent interests to my own.
I've been reading John Dvorak's columns for years. He is the industry curmudgeon, so is funny, and he also gets a lot of interesting dope that I read first in his columns. Dvorak was also the first guy I read who uses the nutty technique of boldfacing seemingly random words (like I'm doing here) that I've tried to copy in some of my pages. If you read just the bold, you'll see it isn't random, it makes a fine abstract. Very clever. The hot rod home page look is worth a click alone.
Scott Loftesness A Venture Capitalist/Entrepreneur with a rich personal web site.
Gates Brothers Rockets: What happens when Xircom's CEO and brother get together on a dry lake bed in Nevada with an essentially unlimited budget and decide to shoot rockets? The on board videos on this site are awesome!
Dancing Paul This is so weird, you just gotta try it. And I thought I'd spent too much time on a personal web site! He won a Webby for this.

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