My student pilot exploits, the MiG ride, and other drivel for propeller heads.


Home CNC Machines

So we can make anything!


One of my oldest hobbies, and pretty "far out".


Millenium House

The remodel that ate our bank account.

Books & Writing

We built a Library, didn't we?




Home Theater, DVD's:

I am a child of the silver screen!


Cars, cars, cars

A passionate and irrational pursuit.



Once I played it, now I like to listen. MP-3 or high-end stereo systems rule!

Digital Photography

Else we wouldn't see pictures on this site, eh?


Scuba Diving

Gives my life depth...

Food & Wine

That guy on the left is Emeril, my hero.



The odd gizmo that excites the primitive male mind.

Hot Rod PC's

Resistance is futile--you will be assimilated!



Kathy's passion, and one I share.

Because: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." Steve Kahn

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