Lakes Modified: The Stainless Steel Rat

Somewhere along the way I came across the concept of the Lakes Modified as a hot rod style. These are extremely minimalist hot rods, and some of my favorite rat rods are Lakes Modifieds. Minimalist doesn't mean they lack attitude or style, just that they can really get down to the essence of hot rod. I love the look of the cars, especially the exposed rearend and suspension. Talk about a mid engine design, these cars have everything between front and rear axles. Given my unique Corvette C5 drivetrain, and a desire to make my first hot rod an achievable project in my lifetime, I've been thinking more and more about the possibility of building what I call the "Stainless Steel Rat". It's a Lakes Modified rat rod, updated with some super high tech components, such as independent front and rear suspensions, and the high tech injected Ford Cleveland motor I've been working on. Besides looking very cool, Lakes Modifieds also look like they're a lot simpler and cheaper to build than a lot of other kinds of hot rods. I would likely use my newfound CNC machine tools to help customize this crazy machine.

This is an ideas page that tries to convey what these cars look like while I ponder whether to take this route, or stick to the original Speedstar vision.

Lakes Modified Idea Scrapbook

The Lakes concept in it's purest form. I've never seen a high tech version.

Fat low-profile rears look great with the IRS! This is only a rendering, not a real car, but comes closer.

It's cool to expose the tranny. This would work great on my car because the driveline is hidden in a torque tube. I'd probably clean up the exposed wiring though.

The originals had a torque tube and leaf spring, just like my Corvette C5 setup!

The suspension sticks out in front too. Hmmm....

Lakes Rat Rod

Another Lakes Rat Rod. I like the idea of a rollbar and of the cylindrical gas tank

The steel Brookville body I would likely use

Very close to what I want!

Classic Lakes rearend, mine would be a Corvette C5. Both exposed, both with a leaf spring. Torq Thrust wheels work too. Make 'em even wider!

Cylindrical tank with knock off cap is again, what I want.

Speedstars have the rake I want. The big rears and still big fronts but done even lower profile will give that high tech road race feel

Lakes Modified Links

Zipper's Lakes Modified: An excellent fiberglass body and components. They've added legroom and longer doors.
Brookville Roadster: The classy way to do this project is with a Brookville steel body. I prefer the look of the '30-'31 because the back has nice rounded corners that I think look better on a Modified.
  Gibbon: More nice fiberglass roadster pickup bodies, both the 20's and 30's models. Lengthened for legroom.

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