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1911 Information Links

Cool Gun Site:

Louder Than Words: Custom gunsmith forums.

Custom 1911 Gunsmiths

The Action Works: Don Williams Gunsmithing work. Also sell grips.

Blind Hog: Lots of amateur gunsmith how-to articles. He'll do work for you too.

Burns Custom: Gunsmith who does really nice 1911 work. Originated the "Wave" checkering pattern. Caveat: when I contacted him for a quote he said he was too busy to accept any new work.

C.T. Brian Custom: Custom 1911 Gunsmith.

Fletcher Custom Pistols: Gunsmith. Nice modern designs.

Gemini Customs: Awesome price on snakeskinning.

Legacy Custom: Stan Chen's guns.

Michiguns: Another custom 1911 shop. Originated "conamyd" checkering.

Peters Custom: Nice custom 1911's. Snakeskinning & Scalloping.

Precision Gunworks: Guns by John Harrison. Does scalloping/snakeskinning.

Rogers Precision: 1911 Gunsmith. Does scalloping/snakeskinning. They quoted me $1000 to do some scalloping and install front and rear sights. Yikes!

Yost-Bonitz Custom: Custom 1911 gunsmith.

Manufacturer and Parts Links

Bar-Sto: Best 1911 barrels made.

Brownell's: The biggest gunsmith supplier on the planet.

Caspian Arms: One of the top makers of specialty 1911 parts.

Chip McCormick: Manufacturers of a variety of 1911 parts.

Clark Custom Guns: One of the "grand-daddies" of custom 1911's and parts.

Cylinder & Slide: Makers of the fine Tactical trigger set I use, and many other goodies.

Dawson Precision: Makers of the fiber optic front sight, and many other goodies.

Ed Brown Products: Fine 1911's and parts.

Entreprise: Lots o' 1911 stuff. Resell King's, Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, and Precision Metalwork parts.

Heinie Specialty Products: Heinie sights are famous...

Kimber America: Awesome guns...

Infinity Firearms (aka SVI, aka Strayer-Voigt): Match grade slides and frames, including titanium and aluminum frames. Famous Infinity Rail System.

Les Baer: Another famous 1911 gunsmith with parts. Monolith slide is distinctive, great selection of sights.

Lone Star Wholesale: Nice discounts on some "name" 1911 parts like Smith & Alexander, Wilson, and Chip McCormick.

Midway USA : Dealers for a lot of the manufacturers including STI and Caspian..

Novak: Famous for their sights. Some gorgeous guns in the gallery too.

Nowlin: I bought their trigger.

Smith & Alexander: Make the best mag wells for the 1911.

STI International: Another maker of fine custom 1911 parts. Not very friendly to individuals ($500 minimum order!), but you can check out the merchandise and order elsewhere.

Wilson Combat: Best magazines, lots of great small parts. Best beavertails.

Custom 1911 Photo Gallery...

Building CNC Tools in Your Garage: I got hooked on doing this. Someday, I want to use these tools to do some slick custom gunsmithing. The awesome custom checkering and other features on many of these 1911's is done with machine tools.

Gun stock design suitable for CNC router...

I Want One: Sig Sauer Trailside

I've been wanting a .22 cal target pistol for some time and a friend put me onto this unique gun. They were made by Hammerli and rebadged as Sig Sauers. They're awesome guns. Just one problem: they quit making them. Doh! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one anyway.

Other Gun Links

The Perfect Shooting Hobbyist

Holy Mackerel!: Browning .30 cal Machine Guns...

Tube Guns: An interesting AR-15 customization.

McMillan Family: Awesome benchrest target rifles.

Lone Star Field Products: Awesome CNC machined modular gun rest system.

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